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A decade of active work, support and knowledge

Thanks to the generous contributions of private and public entities, as well as the work carried out by the work team, Fundación Chimbilako celebrates a decade of active participation in understanding, direct action, research and education on interactions between man and nature in Colombia. The work of Chimbilako is supported through donations, which are invested in five general areas of work:

Destination # 1: research thesis support:

Chimbilako Foundation has supported the development of research thesis since its creation, through technical advice, loan and equipment donation and direct financing. Some examples are:

Destination # 2: Supporting young researchers for internships development:

Fundación Chimbilako has been supported Colombian youth researchers through its funded internship programs, which are developed through a research grant, such as:

Destination # 3: Environmental education:

Environmental education has been one of the working pillars of Fundación Chimbilako and has taken place in rural and urban areas. This process has reached more than 2,000 colombian children from Colombian territory in different departments of the country and with public and private schools, developing projects such as:

Destination # 4: Training:

 Share knowledge through scientific areas allows the foundation to find attention to critical conservation points in the country, allowing the work developed by the foundation team within reach of communities related to these causes. Here are some of the contributions made by the foundation:

Destination # 5: Research:

Through the development of research projects and search of resources, the Chimbilako Foundation has generated and executed projects that have had the following scope: Generation of knowledge at the species and ecosystem level.Identification of key areas for conservation.Binational projects for the protection of species.Research to reduce negative interaction between wildlife and man

We need your help to continue the development of these critical areas

More than ever, conservation initiatives require the support of society. Increased threats to ecosystem stability due to illegal mining and hunting, climate change, systematic pursuit of vulnerable species, and the global trend of government abandonment to research and conservation programs, not only endanger the balance of critical ecosystems; threaten the survival of a whole society by depriving nature of vital resources that guarantee a clean environment and adequate agricultural production for humans. Help us!


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