Fundación para la conservación

Team Chimbilako



Elizabeth Bahamón

B.Sc. Ciencias Biológicas


I am biologist of Andes University experienced in environmental management and education. My main interests are biodiversity conservation, resources management and sustainable development by investigation and studies of environmental awareness, linking the community as fundamental base of progress.




Lina María Caro

Estudiante M.Sc.

University of Cambridge, UK


I am biologist with more than ten years of experience in ecology, conservation and evolution. My scientific knowledge has been complemented with formal and informal environmental education. My interests are to develop conservation strategies in socio-ecological systems where the ecosystems are affected by human activities, and the application of these strategies in decision-making advocacy. I am interested in combining biological sciences with other disciplines like social sciences and education. Currently I am working on species and habitat conservation, effect of conservation actions (e.g. reforestation, biological corridors), biodiversity offsets and decision-making.


Luis Santiago Castillo

M.Sc. en Sostenibilidad Ambiental

SantiagoI am biologist and microbiologist from the Andes University (Colombia). I did a Master in environmental sustainability from the University of Edinburgh (UK). Coordinated and conducted research studies on ecology, ecosystem services and land management. As an environmentalist and humanist, I seek to strengthen the cooperative bonds among the academy, the community, the State and the private sector towards the management and conservation of natural resources and human wealth.


Adriana Dorado Correa

PhD Candidate

 Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany)


I’m interested on animal behaviour and communication. Mainly focused on acoustic communication, vocal learning and vocal plasticity. Currently, my research focuses on the effect of noise on acoustic signals, vocal learning, stress phisiology and reproductive success on birds. Besides, I´m interested on find strategies to communicate science and create a bridge between science and general public.




Sergio Estrada-Villegas

PhD Candidate

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


I am interested in patterns or tropical biological communities and the processes that control them, with an emphasis on the roles of scale and succession on species composition, evenness and biomass accumulation. While doing so, I try to understand how community properties affect one another how that is relevant for protecting biodiversity. I use bats and secondary forests as research models to understand these patterns and processes. Finally, my aim is to transmit this information in a simple and concise manner for environmental education purposes and policy makers.


Leonardo Martínez


My main interests are focused on the creation and maintenance of reproductive groups in tropical bat species and understand how physical and environmental patterns influence behaviors that promote long-term groups.

I have developed and implemented strategies to reduce the impact and awareness related to wildlife traffic and illegal harvesting, pet trade and wildlife hunting by rural communities, I want to establish processes for sustainable use and conservation with the communities.

Research interests: Bat behaviour ecology, communication, space use home range and roost ecology, alloparental care and reproduction. Wildlife traffic, policy and wildlife law.


Nazly Verónica Plata

B.Sc. Ciencias Biológicas


I am co-founder of the Fundación Chimbilako and biologist with option in geography at the Universidad de los Andes. I am interested in conservation, research and environmental education with emphasis on bats. I have experience in fragmentation and its effect on bat assemblages present in the last remnants of mixed forest near the Sábana de Bogotá.




Antonio José Quiñones

B.Sc. Ciencias Biológicas

Universidad de Los Andes


I am biologist interested on environmental education, ornithology, mastozoology, animal behavior and conservation. I have experienced in primatology, animal behaviour, environmental education and ornithology.




Manuel Andrés Rodríguez

B.Sc. Ciencias Biológicas


I am conservation biologist focused on the use of information that permits a better understanding of natural systems and how to interact in a better way with these. I have experience in fieldwork techniques with: bats, birds, plants and amphibians (in order of experience), as well the ecological role of these and the use of information since a social perspective. Currently, I am interested in the use of clean technologies, which permit better relationships between nature and human use.